Commercial Construction

BMF Construction offers commercial renovation and remodeling projects. We are commercial contractors who can renovate or remodel Charlotte businesses, hotels, apartment complexes, and other commercial buildings. Our customers can count on our experienced and professional team to help them with any and all needs.

Building Construction

Our building contractors are there for all building construction needs. We offer building construction services for buildings of all shapes, sizes, and functions. Our building materials are always of top quality and ensure that our customers’ buildings will withstand extreme weather and stand tall for a long period of time. We offer competitive pricing that beats that of our competition.


Retail Construction

We know how important retail stores are to our customers and take special care of our customers by providing professional retail construction services. We are one of the top retail construction companies in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our work is sure to increase the beauty and functionality of a retail store. We pride ourselves in giving our customers customized services to make their store look exactly the way they want it to. We take care of all the small details, like general fixture installation and store fixture installation. We provide interior build out services, retail store remodels, and store renovations. We also have rebranding programs and reimaging programs.

Interior Build Out Service

When the inside of your business needs a facelift, we are there for you. We change spaces so that they will be more efficient and cater to the needs of your customers. Whether you need to add an additional room for office space, or if you want a redesign, give us a call today!


Retail Store Remodels

Remodeling can be necessary at times in order to meet the satisfaction of customers and business owners. Retail store remodels can be quite costly, which is why we make sure to offer our customers the fairest price possible. We have completed countless retail store interior build outs and remodels and each has led to their customers and clients to have a much better shopping experience. Call us today for more information.