Construct Your Outdoor Space

The goal of our outdoor living division is to provide our customers with custom outdoor spaces to enjoy the climate that Charlotte has to offer. We can build out a unique fireplace, kitchen gazebo and pergolas that fits your vision.

Custom Decks

We are Charlotte’s premier custom deck builder! Wooden decking options as well as composite decking options are available. As an alternative to the traditional wooden decking, composite decks offer home owners a great looking deck along with less maintenance requirements since it’s made with wood and plastic. Many homeowners appreciate this type of deck because it doesn’t need to be painted, stained or sealed, and you don’t have to worry about catching any splinters. With a good cleaning once or twice per year, your Charlotte deck will look absolutely good as new!


Custom Pools

We offer both in-ground pools and concrete pools. Both custom pools are tailored to customer needs and desires. We are a credible pool builder that wants our clients to enjoy the pool of their dreams. We educate and help our customers make important decisions during the pool building process. First, we work as a team to decide what shape is best. Swimming pool design is the most critical part of the pool building process and we ensure that we get things right the first time, as choosing the wrong shape could result in a pool that doesn’t live up to a customer’s standards. After determining the shape, we then come up with a budget. Pools can be quite expensive and we want our customers to know exactly how much everything they want will cost. We are a company that leaves customers with no financial surprises at the end of a job. Once a budget is established, we check local building codes and begin the building process.

Should you be interested in any of our outdoor living services, please call today!