Emergency Restoration Services

There is little worse than flood or fire damage to a home. The psychological effect that a home damaged in this manner can have on a person is tremendous. Depression, anxiety, and stress are sure to reach a new high. Should a home be damaged due to a flood or fire, BMF is always there to help. We provide emergency restoration services that allow our customers to get their homes and sanity back as quickly as possible. We do water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration.

Mold Remediation

Mold can cause serious damage to a home. It can also cause health problems for the home owners. If mold is present in a home, it’s important to get it out. First, a mold inspection must occur to assess if mold is actually present. A thorough house mold inspection should check any and all areas where mold could potentially exist. If mold is found, the amount needs to be determined. Once the amount is determined, mold removal can occur and the home can be restored to normal.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can really take a toll on a home. We experienced tremendous flooding throughout the east coast last year and saw the damage water can do. BMF takes all the necessary steps to get the water out of homes and began repairs as soon as possible. Our first step when repairing a water damaged home is simple. Our water removal services team comes in and gets the water out. After, ourwater damage cleanup team comes in and cleans up whatever mess the water made in the home. Depending on the situation, water damage can range from none to severe. After the damage is cleaned up, we take care of repairs or renovations that need to be done.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage to a home can be devastating. A fire can produce a tremendous amount of damage in a short period of time. If a fire is put out in time, there is a better chance that any damage can be restored. We offer fire damage cleanup services to get rid of the initial mess. Our fire restoration team then comes in the assess the damage. We then complete the fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration process and get families back in their homes as quickly as possible. We strive to take great care of these families.